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hungarian farina dumplings


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hungarian farina dumplings

missmasala | Oct 30, 2003 11:38 PM

okay, all you hungarian cooks out there, i need some help.
i want to make a soup for a halloween party today with some farina dumplings like my mom used to make for her delicious cauliflower soup. i have her recipe and have used it many times but my dumplings always turn out hard and tough instead of soft and tender. i have experimented in many ways but can't figure out what i'm doing wrong. here's the recipe:

1 egg
2 tsps oil
3 tbs farina
pinch salt

mix together and refrigerate until firm enough to drop by teaspoon into soup.

in an effort to make them tender i have reduced the amount of farina (dumplings fall apart) added more oil (didn't work) and monitered my heat carefully thinking that if i simmered instead of boiled the dumplings wouldn't toughen up. nothing has worked. what am i doing wrong? Is it too much oil? is it the salt? do i need to add baking powder?

please, can anyone help this quasi-magyar out?

thanks in advance.

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