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Hungarian Candy Not Unlike Marzipan?


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Hungarian Candy Not Unlike Marzipan?

Gabriel Solis | Dec 8, 2002 02:00 PM


Having moved to the wilds of Central Illinois, and started a new and time-consuming job, I have had little reason to post for the past few months. Until now, that is.

I need to call on the unrivalled collection of information on food that is the collective chow-houndage. Do any of you know of a Central European candy not unlike marzipan, but made with hazelnuts called Hecz Pecz (pronounced phonetically Hetch-schwa Petch--I'm not sure of the proper transliteration) (probably Hungarian, given the name)? A friend remembers such a thing from his childhood 60-odd years ago in Prague, and has been making it, or something like it, recently, but is confounded by his inability to find a reference to it anywhere. It is, incidentally, thoroughly delicious, whether it is a traditional Hungarian item or not.



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