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Humor Now Inappropriate?

kaleokahu | Dec 24, 201110:55 AM

Happy Holidays:

There is this recent thread about "Hyperlocal Beef": http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/823418

A good portion of the thread was just poofed for reasons known only to the Mods. Many posts giving "hyperlocal" a humorous twist were pulled down, leaving the thread pedanic and dull. Unless I missed something, there was nothing offensive or personal or objectionable in any of what was pulled down.

So, do we have an emerging new "rule" against light-heartedness and humor? Are some topics officially worthy of ONLY serious treatment? If "F@#king in the Kitchen" isn't too silly, how can imagining individual-serving, miniaturized Wagyu cattle be verboten?

Auwe!, maybe lightening up is a good idea?


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