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Humble Suggestion--Rethinking Linked Stories' Proper Location

kaleokahu | Jan 31, 201509:40 AM     43

It seems to me that CH has a default policy of moving OPs which link to food stories to the Food Media and News board.

I understand the theoretical purity of such a policy, but the practical effect can be (and often is) to bury good *substantial* on-topic content in a graveyard of food-media-and-celebrity worship threads. And the cemetery is often very far from the content of the story, e.g., someone interested in reading about McDonalds (Why?, Oh why?, I know) is going to miss it when they peruse Chains.

What I propose is a simple change in thinking that separates the conjoined twins of FM and News. That is, if a post or a linked story is ABOUT food media, celebs or news, put it in FM&N. But if it's just a link TO an article that better fits under another topical board, please leave it be.

I hesitate to even bring this to the Mods attention, but this suggested policy is already used in isolated locations. For instance, we who participate on Wine are lucky to have one poster (thanks, Jason!) who regularly posts links to wine industry and trade media articles.

So what do the Hounds think? A story ABOUT Cookware belongs in Cookware, not in FM&N? Or does the fact that it is a link TO cookware in another medium require banishment to FM&N?


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