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The Humble Burger - What's Your Fave?


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The Humble Burger - What's Your Fave?

KevinB | Nov 13, 2008 07:07 PM

The recent favourite sandwich thread got me thinking about the hundreds (thousands?!) of variations on the simple burger. Look at all the elements we have to play with, from the inside out:

Meat - buy it ground, or grind your own? Blade, chuck, sirloin? Do you add pork or poultry?
And how do you cook - rare or well done? Fried or grilled? Charred or not? Do you add spices before cooking (garlic, pepper, salt, or ??)?

Cheese - Yes or no? Grated or sliced? Cheddar, provolone, swiss, mozzarella, or (gasp) "wrap"?

Tomato - Sliced or chopped? And since in Toronto, good fresh tomatoes will be a memory until next June, ketchup often fills in for half the year.

Onion - Raw or cooked? Bermuda, Spanish, Vidalia? If cooked - grilled or sauteed? Butter or olive oil? If raw - sliced or chopped?

Lettuce - What type? Leaves or chopped? And is the Quebec addition of a sweet coleslaw unique to La Belle province, or is it done elsewhere?

Other veg/fruit - what else? Avocado? Pineapple? Roasted peppers? Or....?

Pickles - sweet or dill?Long slices or chips?

Condiments - Mustard (yellow, brown, dijon, grainy, ??), relish (pickle, zucchini, other?), other sauces (BBQ, ketchup, mayo), horseradish, hot sauce??

Finally - the bun. Do you like the soft, chewy "wonder" style bun served at most FF places, or do you prefer something crustier, like a kaiser or a Calabrese roll? Plain or toasted or put face down on the griddle/fry pan?

I'm sure I've forgotten many different toppings (geez, chili just came to me - how could I have forgotten that?!), so clue me in - I'd be delighted to hear some new ideas!

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