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humane meat for human consumption

withabandon | Dec 27, 200905:41 PM

Today I started reading a book that I thought was going to be about balanced nutrition and small portions, and exercise, and funny. It turned out to be a diatribe about being a vegan. Not gonna happen here. In my opinion, that constitutes deprivation. PLEASE DO NOT MAKE THIS THREAD INTO A DEBATE ABOUT VEGAN OR OMNIVOROUS EATING!!!! To me all food groups, good wine and good coffee, all in moderation, are among the simple pleasures of life. You are welcome to disagree, but please not here.

That said, the book did go on about the hellish nature of slaughter houses-- how animals are skinned and their brains boiled alive; how animal flesh falls to the ground, into excrement (human and animal) and roaches and gets picked up and passed on to the public, etc. The authors so much as said that neither Kosher, nor free range slaughtering can be trusted to be either humane or hygenic.

Bearing all of that in mind, here is my question. Does anyone know the truth FOR CERTAIN, because you know for SURE about slaughtering? is there some source for meat that is killed humanely? What about raised humanely? Can Whole Foods market be trusted in this regard?


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