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How's your Palate?


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How's your Palate?

Quine | Jul 2, 2007 05:00 PM

Today I recently read an article with comments attached, which made me's your palate?

As a Foodie, do you think your tasteabliity is better, differerent, more or less refined? As a Chow?

Do you think that people who don't have your sense of taste are, less tasteful, more tasteful? Is being a Super taster good? Bad? Do you ever wonder how people eat "that"?

Personally, I love those bitter tastes, always. I have never understood why people like sweets, at all. Many vegetables are too sweet to me, but bring on the bitter ones! And please, please, please may I have more mushrooms! I adore the complexities of "bitter" foods, bring on the chocolates, dark, rich, those red wines. Ah the cheeses, blue, sharp! And to be frank, some good rare beef, is slightly sweet.

But that is ME! I once knew a relationship was doomed, when I burnt the garlic in the prep. And I tried to pass it off. To me it was inedible, he could not taste it. And if you adore sweets, I will very politely decline to taste your food alot.

So Chows...tell about your palate!

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