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breaking eggs | Oct 2, 2005 07:32 AM

ok, so how do you do this correctly?

my sunday treat is to make myself fried eggs. these are the very best eggs i've had in a long, long time - flown here to london from italy - and man do they taste. accompanying my eggs are three rashers of unsmoked short back bacon (lidgates in holland park), a thick slice of wholemeal bread with italian butter (fromagerie), washed down with macchiatos (monmouth coffee).

but this sublime religious experience is sometimes marred because occasionally (say 20% of the time) i dont break the eggs well: inevitably, i splatter the yolk coming out of the shell instead of keeping it round. whats happening is that my break isn't clean, so that the yolk breaks up passing over a shard of eggshell. at least thats my theory. what am i doing wrong? is it possible to achieve that superb insouciance with which short order cooks in diners all over manhattan nonchalantly break eggs?


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