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Are there Hounds out there that hunt and fish?


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Are there Hounds out there that hunt and fish?

Passadumkeg | Jul 9, 2008 05:01 PM

I've been reading about qualms about boiling live lobster, pulling heads off live shrimp, fear of dead fish, and disdain of handling raw meat and offal. I hunt, fish, dig clams and pick mussels and mushrooms. I'd rather accept the responsibility of killing an animal with the knowledge of what I have done than buy meat wrapped in clear plastic and ignore the pain and suffering animals to which animals are subjected by agribusiness. I respect vegetarians and often cook veggie meals for one of our kids and the rest of us. I don't take poor shots and drop the animal. When the kids were younger, we called deer "happy meat" because it was happy until it died. Organic too. Am I alone in this, does anyone else understand? Take it easy on me, I'm no Konan.

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