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HOU Hottest Curry or other dish?


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HOU Hottest Curry or other dish?

bishopsbitter | May 3, 2009 05:59 AM

I noted Adam Richman's escapades eating the "phaal challenge" at Brick Lane on "Curry Row" in NYC

(gotta love that the cook has to wear firefighter breathing apparatus when cooking it!)

It got me thinking I can't remember the last time I had a really hot curry. And the answer is I can barely remember when it was, so long ago.

A brief search yielded a chicken phal at Nirvana (Memorial Drive) which is a place I've never been to.

Can anyone confirm Nirvana has the goods, or an alternate place where one can get a complete gastro-intestinal marathon as part of the deal?

I stress this is not a "make this extra spicy please" which never ever works. But a place where if one staggers in this is what they serve as a matter of course. I don't mind if it strays into other cuisines either. Just that it's done well and right and is not contrived to fit any particular customer's demographic. I don't need waiters guesstimating my capacity for hotness (they'll almost certainly be wrong for it is considerable).

Sri Lanka cuisine (reference Sri Lanka Curry House on Hennapin in Minneapolis of old) is getting there. A roti stuffed with meat and red-hot peppers, topped with . . . red hot peppers.

Somehow Richman's flop sweat has made me actively crave the same effect and to eat something genuinely attention-grabbing.

If I get inspired may head to Nirvana today and see if the Phal is much cop. But I can almsot guarantee it's toned down.

Thank for any other info.


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