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Hothouse/ Greenhouse idea

Caralien | Jul 17, 2009 05:22 PM

We just bought a house, and our apt. landlords gave us the go-to with taking the old stormwindows (6'x3'); Queen Anne (1910 or so).

My thought:
2 for the back, 1 on each end, 2 for the roof, and the last 2 as doors opening from the center.

Add shelves from the mid-section, with 2x4s as the bottom, raised over an open mesh bed (I don't know about actually using stones yet).

Using a frame of 2x4s.

The roof would be hinged so it can open, possibly completely to the back side.

Thoughts? I've been making drawings for a few weeks, and know I will need hinges and something similar to mesh for the triangles at either end. We have space, but I don't know how to garden and will be using this as part of my introduction to gardening (our house is on 1/4 acre, shaded in the back).

I want to reuse these windows for something, and am a better carpenter and cook than gardener. Thoughts?

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