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Hotel Room Service Tipping

DanaB | Jan 2, 200804:33 PM

Hi all,

I just returned from a trip to NYC and stayed at a relatively nice upscale hotel. We typically ordered the continental breakfast and coffee in the mornings. The first morning, we were presented with the bill, which included a 20% tip already added in (there was also a $3 service charge for room service). There was also a blank "tip" line and a place for us to write in a total. We asked the bellhop if the 20% tip was for him, and he said yes. Nevertheless, we struggled throughout the trip as to whether we should write in a tip as well -- it seemed cheap not to with that blank gratuity line -- but on the other hand when tipping extra we felt a bit exploited.

What do you do in this situation, chowhounds? Should we have tipped on top of the 20% or not? And what about a blank tip line on a check when gratuity has already been added in?

Thanks for any feedback!

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