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Hotdawgs! Hotdawgs! Hotdawgs!


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Hotdawgs! Hotdawgs! Hotdawgs!

T.Davis | May 29, 2003 09:49 PM

I don't really eat these much anymore but I admit to having a life long affair with them. Sometimes I have an A&W type of night. Then I fix an A&W root beer float and a chili dog. Better yet, if my wife is dieting,
a Johney Rockets opened up near us and I can slip over there and have a soda, chili dawg and freedom fries while I slip a quarter into one of those old counter type juke boxes and play a dowop record.

Growing up, most of the dawgs I had were grilled till they were charred and maybe then some. I had six one night, some with ketchup some with mustard, some with both (those were the days). I seem to remember my drinks were keeping pace with my dawgs so I don't remember if I had more than six.

In any case, being a condo dweller for 20 years, I have not had a grill and have had to revert to boiling or oven frying my dawgs. We just bought some land in the catskills and I think my approach is going to be to buy
a grill and build the house around it.

I did some research last night on dawgs and was amazed at how much info there was on the subject. Here are some of the things I found. Most of the dawgs sold in supermarkets are precooked. All you need to do is bring
them up to about 160F in reheating. Once opened, a packet of dawgs will only last in the frig about 3 days. They can be frozen up to about 2 months. About
90 percent of the dawgs sold in the U.S. are boiled. Most dawgs consist of meat of some type, fat of some type, filler, egg white and spices. There is some regulation as to filler content due to producers at
one time putting more filler in a dawg than meat. Kosher dawgs contain more garlic than regular dawgs and I believe are all beef. You can make your own but I don't use them that often to make it worthwhile.

So here are some questions I did not find the answers to. Is it best to boil the dawgs say for about 15 minutes. If tossed in the oven, what temp for how long. If grilled, then is about 5 minutes over direct heat till browned or charred correct. If steamed, then how long and how long for the buns if you steam them. If you do not steam your buns then do you toast them. What about comdiments. Is everbody still using the standard mustard and ketchup (or mayo) or has that now expanded to keep pace with the range of sauces say served with belgium fries. Don't bother to mention sourkraut... I don't even put that on my reubem sandwich. Does anybody make their own relish. I saw a couple of relishes that used pineapple. Good or bad. What are best... beef or other catagory... any brand names that you are partial to. What about other dishes... one of the stores I went to yesterday had a pan of baked beans with sliced
hotdawgs. I have not seen that in years.

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