hot water boiler you never seen before


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hot water boiler you never seen before

monkfanatic | Mar 15, 2007 12:11 AM

every chinese have one of this at home, just want to let the none chinese know about this piece of electronic equitment, once you get use to it, you can never live without it.

it's a hot water boiler, cook about1 gallon of water at one time and keep it hot 24/7, you only need to add water when it's almost empty, one push of a button, you'll have hot water for your coffee , tea , cup noodle .

i been giving this to my none chinese friend as present for years, and everybody love it, they said they can not image the life without it.

you can get it at any chinese supermarket for $40, it can go up to $100, basicely it's the same, no need to buy the expensive one. hope you guys can enjoy this as much as all the chinese

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