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Hot Hammy Cheesey Dip?

Querencia | Dec 3, 201106:39 AM

I tried posting this query on another board and got nowhere so let's see what the Hounds can come up with. The other day I was in the grocery store checkout line when I saw a lady buying several large boxes of Velveeta Cheese and a couple of big butcher packages of what looked like boneless ham cut into one-inch cubes. My first thought was that the butcher was selling ham cut that way to reduce post-Thanksgiving stocks and that it would be perfect for scalloped potatoes so I left the line and went to see, but the butcher told me that her ham had been a special order. By the time I got back in line she was gone, otherwise I would have asked her what she was preparing. What I imagine was a party food or appetizer in which melted Velveeta would be the base of a hot cheesey dip from which eaters would retrieve cubes of ham. Online research produced recipes combining Velveeta and salsa in various combinations. What I am wondering now is how this would work: slow cooker, Velveeta, a little prepared mustard and a bit of mustard powder for bite, SOME BEER, and the ham cubes. Sort of a Welsh Rarebit-y concept. I would provide cocktail rye so people could use it to catch the drips then put the whole thing in their mouth, a bite of ham, cheese, and rye. I have never used (or even bought) Velveeta but online I am reading that its meltability makes it just the thing for hot dips. So my questions are, would this work? Would the slow cooker be suitable or would I have to do something fancy with a double boiler? Has anyone tried something like this?

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