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Hot Dog Nazi? longish


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Hot Dog Nazi? longish

LizR | Aug 21, 2002 06:12 PM

First of all, given the fuss over some recent threads, I certainly don't mean to offend anyone with the tile of this post. I am referring to the Seinfeld "soup nazi" character.

While recently traveling through Connecticut and the Northeast, my husband and I went out of our way to find a hot dog stand that I will refer to only as SDW in Fairfield. Based on the Stern's Road Food recommendations and their comments about all of the exciting homemade condiments, we were excited and I went a little crazy when ordering. After all, living in Atlanta, when was the next time we'd be back that way?

Having been known to enjoy a fully-loaded dog on certain past occasions, I proceeded to order a hot dog with saurkraut, meat chili, onion sauce, hot relish, and coleslaw. May sound disgusting now, but I was in the mood for it and wanted to sample all of those reportedly fabulous condiments.

Ok, so the hot dog "chef" calls out "Who ordered the dog with kraut, chili, relish, onions, and coleslaw?" I had a fleeting, grandiose vision of him praising my brave choice -"Ah, a woman after my own heart" or something like that. I shyly volunteered that, yes, it was me who placed that order. He yelled back at me "Oh no, this is WAY over the top! I won't do it. You can have four toppings but not five. I'm taking off the onion sauce. You'll lose the individual flavors if you keep it on."

Well, needless to say, I was actually pretty embarassed because there were quite a few folks crammed in the place (which is the size of a large closet). I already felt like a pig for ordering all those toppings; maybe that was it - the guilt. I eat a hot dog MAYBE once a year. I heard one of he regulars trying to reassure me by saying "Don't worry, he's the hot dog nazi". Everyone chuckled. I know I was beet red.

After several long and humiliating minutes our order was ready. I noticed a side on the onion sauce was on the tray. In a gesture of respect for the chef/owner I tried my dog as it came before dumping the "over the top" onion sauce on it. I thought the combo was just fine.

Really, how much subtlety does one lose by adding the FIFTH topping to a hot dog??? At that point, the hot dog is more of a conduit for the toppings, in my opinion. I'm glad someone takes hot dogs seriously but the chef might have been a bit more gentle. Maybe not. Perhaps I deserved it.

Rumor has it that there is a reataurant here in Atlanta where the chef flips out and screams at the patrons, asking them to leave, if they dare to request salt. I mean, I wouldn't like someone dumping ketchup all over my delicate creation, but isn't this taking things too far? Should people in restaurants be "allowed" to adulterate food as they wsh?

Any thoughts? Ok, ok, maybe I need to lighten up. After all, the hot dog was just fine. But the fries were greasy...

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