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Hostess Gift for Thanksgiving day

alwayshungrygal | Nov 9, 201103:13 PM

For reasons too long to explain, my son and I will be going to a complete stranger's house for Tday dinner. I volunteered to bring something and the response was dessert. I'll probably make a pumpkin pie (unless that is delegated to someone else) and other homemade goodies. But I need to bring the right host/hostess gift for people I don't know anything about.
My default gift is usually wine but that seems...I dunno, ordinary and I don't know if they drink or not or what they like if they do. So, I think wine is out. Something for the home is out too, and I don't want to bring flowers (would need attention when we arrive) or a potted plant (too easy).

I DO have a bottle of chocolate balsamic vinegar and a bag of artisanal chocolate pasta I was going to give as a holiday gift to someone else (which I can easily purchase again if need be). Does that combo seem too much or too weird? Too juvenile? Again, I don't know anything about these people, have no idea what their culinary choices/capabilities are other than they are doing Tday dinner. I have 2 recipes I can include in the gift bag. I made a chocolate pasta dessert for a dinner a few months ago and it went over OK but I had a lot left-over.

I do know the hostess' sister (she invited us) but don't want to pump her for info about her sister. I do want to show we are grateful to be included in their gathering without overdoing it. Oh, and I'm traveling to my son the day before Tgiving.

Thoughts, other suggestions? Many thanks and an early Happy Thanksgiving to all.

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