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Host Gifts; What Is The Etiquette?

NovoCuisine | Sep 18, 2006 01:25 AM

My parents held a party last night for 20+ people. I offered my cooking services for it, and as 'payment' I jokingly told them that I was to receive any and all gifts of wine that the guests would bring.

Perhaps it is because I live with my SO of European descent, and frequently attend parties with his European friends; if we are invited to someone's house for a gathering, a gift will be offered to the hosts for their hospitality.

My family is Canadian, as were all the guests at last night's party, and nobody brought a thing.

Contrary to my earlier comment, I frankly didn't expect anything, and was not offended at all when no offerings were made - the bringing of a gift was not something I observed growing up, however seeing it done at the SO's gatherings made me wonder why I hadn't thought to do it before - but it got me thinking about cultural differences in party etiquette.

What are everyone's thoughts on this?

..................I suppose I must digress; one woman -did- bring something: Two pieces of half-eaten cake and an open wine bottle from a wedding she had attended the day before.

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