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Host etiquette regarding no-show guests?


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Host etiquette regarding no-show guests?

SeoulQueen | Sep 23, 2008 03:49 PM

What should the host do about no-show guests? I had a dinner party this past weekend where I invited 8 guests. One couple did not show up after they e-mailed to say they were coming. I have not heard from them at all, not even an e-mail saying why they couldn't make it.

I am a little annoyed as I did send out a reminder 3 days before the dinner party, so if they couldn't have made it for whatever reason they should have said something then. Should I e-mail and ask if everything is ok and subtly point out they were no-shows? Or should I just leave it and remind myself never to invite them again? They are not close friends but I have known for over a year and see them from time to time through a mutual couple.

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