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Four Horsemen of the Barbecue Apocalypse


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Four Horsemen of the Barbecue Apocalypse

givemecarbs | Aug 11, 2011 11:39 AM

I am so glad I am on Smoke Daddy's mailing list:
> So, last Wednesday a friend came along with me on my weekly
> trip to Philly to buy brisket points. We stopped at
> Khyber Pass for lunch. The food and beer were great
> and if you're ever in the area of 2nd and Chestnut give it a
> try.
> There was one thing that really stuck in my head. My
> friend ordered Memphis Fried Chicken. Now when I
> thought of Memphis Fried Chicken I thought of fried chicken
> that was really spicy hot. While very good, this
> wasn't that...
> So I did a little research and found that I had it wrong
> and Khyber Pass had it right. Memphis Fried Chicken
> has enough kick to let you know there's some cayenne, but
> not enough to knock you down. Well, we can fix
> that...
> We're gonna start with those nice, fat chickens we
> typically serve, cut them into parts and soak them overnight
> in buttermilk with a good dose of hot sauce. Then into
> an egg wash and seasoned flour. The final product will
> have a little kick, but not enough to make the chilluns
> cry...
> Then, if you want it hotter you have three options:
> Wet Hot ~ We splash on a bunch of Franks Red Hot
> right when it comes out of the fryer.
> Dry Hot ~ We hit it with a sprinkle of cayenne right
> out of the fryer.
> Double Hot ~ Both of the above.
> Available on Friday and Saturday as a 1/2 chicken platter
> with your choice of two sides. And...
> Finally, since I'm feeling the need, we'll also be making
> smashed potatoes and collard greens in addition to our
> regular Four Horsemen of the Barbecue Apocalypse.
> See you this weekend,
> -Michael
> 267-625-3190

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