Horrible smelling garbage disposer


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Horrible smelling garbage disposer

sueatmo | Oct 4, 2012 08:18 PM

We're doing some cleanup in the house we bought, and I'm taking my time working my way through the many cabinets washing them up We will have to replace the cooktop; it has been scrubbed to death, and still shows the scars of burned up pans. But the unexpected problem is a horrible chemical odor which taints the entire kitchen, and seems to emanate from the garbage disposal. We agree that this does not smell rotten, or as if something is decomposing, but like a strong chemical. We get the smell from the disposal and the faucet which is a spray nozzle model, like this, but not so much from the other drain or the water itself.

We've disconnected the water filter under the sink. That was not the culprit. Even though the water does not seem to smell (except of chlorine), we get the odor when we run the faucet. Every other faucet in the house runs with no odor. And if I lean down to smell the disposer I get a noseful. The smell is just bad. I don't recognize it, but it doesn't smell organic.

A Google search on a chemical odor in the kitchen produced problems with adhesives used to glue down granite, and the smell of the deadening asphalt stuff used on the bottom of sinks. The sink looks to be the age of the house (10 years) and the tile was laid that long ago as well.

The drain seems to run well from both disposer and regular drain. It doesn't appear that there are clogs in the line.

We will call a plumber. But does anyone have a clue what we are dealing with?

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