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Hope 4 Chowhounds w/ Spouse or S.O. who think you're Nuts!


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Hope 4 Chowhounds w/ Spouse or S.O. who think you're Nuts!

Ciaohound | Jun 11, 2002 06:41 PM

The best way I can explain myself is in the Form of a Ciaohound original Play I'll call, "I'm the Rodney Dangerfield of Chowhounds"


For me, the drama usually starts out this way; "Bob is being his usual neurotic self...Bob is chatting and communicating with people he doesn't even know on the internet...It's Chowhound this, Chowhound that, would you give me a rest already...LimsterFest dinner with strangers, I don't think so..Baker Club with people I don't know - do you mean a Book Club?... You never go anywhere without a printout from Chowhound anymore...

You get the routine, I'm sure.


"You know this Wild Flour Bakery is pretty darn good, especially the french bread...The crust at Pizzetta 211 is superb...Arizmendi is my new most favorite bakery, and if we don't stop going there I'm going to gain 5 lbs...I really had fun at Alma with Dana, Rochelle, Majeb and yes, even YOU!...Those 100% Agave Margaritas suggested by Rochelle M. are fantastic-What am I going to do with the lifetime-supply-bottle of Cuervo Gold I just bought at Costco?...Boy, these fresh tomatoes, sunflowers, bread, coffee, etc., etc. we got at the Ferry Farmers Market are REALLY good, and the nectarine/blueberry crisp with the fruit from the Farmers Market is the BEST we've ever made...When is the Panchitas dinner again?

All of a sudden, I,m not looking so psychotic anymore.


And slowly, but oh so surely, it begins to happen.

She starts telling her friends about this great place in the Mission, Alma...Or she says, "Let's stop and get all sorts of breads and rolls for our son's graduation party from Armizmendi"...Taking her sister to my secret Chowhound haunts and probably not even telling her I found the place...Loving every darn meal and Chowhound recommendation as if she never criticized me in the first place...Acting as if these ideas were hers, instead of mine...Taking credit instead of blaming me for dragging her along...And then the final metamorphosis...At the introductory Baker Group meeting, with of course "strangers"; who volunteers OUR house for the first baking get-together?? You guessed it, my wife (Mrs. Ciaohound), the original doubter, pessimist, and complainant.

I'm sure when I'm not around, she's alrady taking full credit, as usual.

So I say to Chowhounds who have lived, are living or will be living this drama themselves, keep giving that special person good food, taking them to good restaurants and giving them food memories that last a lifetime. And is in my case, they'll probably end up thinking you're pretty darn smart, after all!

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