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Hooray! Soft-Set Pepper Jelly


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Hooray! Soft-Set Pepper Jelly

GG Mora | Oct 4, 2004 09:37 AM

As part of my annual canning rampage, I have always made hot pepper jelly. Problem is, it requires adding pectin, and no matter what recipe I've tried, the commercial pectin has delivered me a vaguely rubberized product. Not terrible, not inedible, just stiff in a way I don't care for in a jelly.

This year, I decided to experiment. I found a recipe for homemade pectin – cooked down about 7 pounds of crabapples, strained out the juice & reduced it by half. Then substituted the homemade pectin in the recipe (from the same book that had the recipe for making pectin; notes warned against trying to substitute homemade for commercial in the recipes).

I put up the jelly last night. This morning, tilting a jar lightly revealed a jelly of ideal consistency. Now I just need to bake up some biscuits!

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