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Jkof | Jul 28, 200505:23 PM

Hello. My wife and I recently spent 3 days eating our way through Hong Kong. These notes may be useful.

Lippo Chiu Chow, Lippo Center, Admiralty. Tel 2845 4151.
This place is a total keeper on the unlikely location of the first floor of the Lippo Center in Admiralty. I’d not had Chiu Chow food before, and now it’s my favorite cuisine from China. The Sliced Goose with Bean Curd was excellent in so many ways: savory goose and not too fatty with a wonderful vinegar-based dipping sauce and tofu that was really creamy. The Steamed Scallops with Lily Bulb was also excellent. Very fresh scallops and lots of veggies too. The Green Beans with Minced Pork & Black Olive Leaf was apparently very good (I didn’t have any). The only disappointment was the E-fu Noodles Chiu Chow Style. I’m sure they were legit, but we weren’t turned on by the fried nature of the noodles (but there were a very interesting orange color). We were there on a Saturday night at 7.30 and the place was half empty which surprised us because the food was so good.

Another place for Chiu Chow that we couldn’t get into is Secret Pantry at 15 St. Francis St. in Wanchi (www.secretpantry.com.hk). It’s actually a flat that has been turned into a restaurant. The menu looked excellent. Hopefully we’ll get to hit it next time we’re in HK.

Yung Kee, 32-40 Wellington, Central. http://www.yungkee.com.hk/
Yung Kee is in every guidebook to HK and is famous for its roast goose w/ plum sauce. We hit this Cantonese stalwart on a Sunday night at 8pm and it was super crowded with a long line. Luckily we had a booking. We had the famous Roast Goose, which I must say that we found too fatty. We also weren’t great at extracting all the meat from the bones armed only with chopsticks (but I made a valiant and rather ugly effort). Our accompanying dish was Asparagus with Crabmeat, which was very fine. Both main ingredients were fresh and cooked to perfection. There wasn’t a gloppy sauce hiding either star attraction - - it was just great. Yung Kee has a large and appealing menu. Since there were only 2 of us and having been that day to Maxim’s for dim sum, we couldn’t muster the resources to do our usual overeating. I strongly recommend going here (and to all the places on this posting) with a largish group so as to try out a number of different dishes. We hope to return to Yung Kee someday, not for the goose but to further explore the menu.

Yuet Wah Hui, 409-419 Lockhart Road, Wanchi.
This place had to be the highlight of our food journey. Lockhart Rd is full of seafood restaurants and YWH came highly recommended by the superfoodies at HK Foodie (http://www.wretch.cc/blog/hkfoodie&am...). YWH has all the trappings of a chowhound classic: rather innocuous exterior (which may be incorrect - - there’s large red writing above the door in Chinese which may trumpet out it’s name), plain and simple interior with a small team running the place, menus are not in English but an English version is dug up; and the food is wonderful and messy. Understanding that we were in a temple of good eating, we over-ordered by design. The Deep Fried Golden Tofu was sublime. Crispy outside and creamy inside with a chili dipping sauce. Prawns with Garlic & Salt were EXCEPTIONAL!!!! Split down the middle and wok fried, I think we could have eaten another 2 servings of them if they kept coming to the table. The perfect combination of fresh seafood expertly cooked with the exact right wok partners. The prawns were followed by the Chili Crab. This was the best soft shell crab I’ve ever had. Frying it up in the wok made the shell a lot easier to disassemble. In fact, I munched down a fair share of shell in my efforts to leave no crabmeat behind. The accompanying chilies weren’t all that hot, so this is not a super spicy dish. There was also a mountain of what I think was a combination of fried shallots and garlic with a lot of salt. This added muchly to the flavor. Oh yeah. The only disappointing dish was the Crab with Egg Noodle. Kind of a heavy murky mess that I’m sure is real delicacy in some parts. It was hard to taste the crab and the noodles were made real heavy by the egg mixture. Oh well. We’ll definitely be going back here!

Finally, we found a solid noodle shop in Central. Noodle Box at 30-32 Wyndham St. I had very good Sha Cha Beef Noodles with ginger and garlic. Filling but not too heavy and the noodles were very fresh. My wife had Chicken Kao Sai in Spicy Coconut Broth. The soup was ultra flavorful and not at all overspiced. This place is a real treat when you’ve been hitting the city all day and need a late lunch to power through the rest of the afternoon. And cheap to boot!

The only false move we made was in the airport. We hit the King’s Palace Congee & Noodle Bar and nothing we had was that good. Oh well. It was a great 3 days. Now I want to go back for more.

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