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Honeymoon in Tokyo/Kyoto for foodies!

orenshapiro | Aug 3, 201401:14 PM     45

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for taking the time to read this. Really appreciate any and all help.

My fiance and I will be heading to Tokyo on September 16th after our wedding and will spend three nights there and three nights in Kyoto. Here is what I have so far, and need help on:


Staying at the Ritz Carlton (in Minato-ku)

Arrive at about 12:30pm

Lunch: We'll be tired, but will walk around to try and beat the jet-lag. Something easy and relatively quick. Any suggestion on a ramen/udon/soba place nearby? Please note: Not ippudo, we have one in NYC and while I'm sure Tokyo is better, I'd like to branch out.

Dinner: Again, something easy, fun, preferably close to the hotel. I've heard a lot of talk (good and bad... mostly good) about Birdland, Kushimura and Gonpachi - not sure which is considered "best" and which is closest to hotel.

Following Day:

Fish Market, Sushi Breakfast (probably Sushi Dai depending on the line)
During the day we'll probably do the following:

Meji Shrine -> walk to Harajuku -> walk to Omotesando -> walk around and get lost.

If anyone knows any good lunch spots along that route, that would be great. Again, noodles sound great - but we're totally open, would eat anything. Your recommendations are valued.

Dinner: Tempura Kondo (is this place stuffy? Or cool?)

Following Day:

Breakfast: No idea, probably hotel
Lunch: Maybe Sushi Saito? Heard it's the "best lunch deal in town" or I read an article about doing a food crawl through Asakusa stopping at places like: Raishuken, Koyanagi, Asakisa Namiki Yabu Soba, Sansada, Kamiya Bar, Suzuyo

We have sumo tickets for that day, but I understand that this starts around 3-4pm

During the day I've heard Naka-Meguro and Daikanyama are great neighborhoods to walk around and get lost. Maybe we go to the major anime area (forget the name).

Dinner: No idea really - so many options and I have been reading until my eyes bleed.

I think Park Hyatt for drinks (a bit cliche but heard it's still great)

then for dinner:

Sushi Mizutani
Sushi Kyubey
Ramen: Gogyo, Yatai Nagahamya #1, Maisan for tonkotsu. Menya Kissou for Ramen (any of these near where we will be in previous days? or by the hotel?)
This place apparently called Yakitori Alley by Westerners only: http://blog.wandr.me/2011/07/dining-u...

Obviously if we went to Mizutani or Kyubey (or any other sushi place for dinner we wouldn't do Saito for lunch)

The next day we travel to Kyoto and are staying at Ryoken Tawaraya that night. So dinner that night and breakfast the next morning are done. Then we check into the Ritz.

I've been focusing all my efforts on Tokyo, so Kyoto is totally up in the air. I've heard of the following:

Shoraian: Tofu place, right? Could be cool
Yamashita: Is all over chowhound as an awesome spot

Samboa Bar (and some steak place that the bartender will take you to if you ask)

A friend of mine said the following:

There is a duck ramen joint which was hard to find but delicious. There is a long strip that used to be the red light district which is now all converted to restaurants and bars. we found an amazing counter only sushi spot there - marble topped and sushi put straight on it bit by bit.

For both Tokyo and Kyoto - we like cool spots, great food, great drinks - I don't want to go to the Robot Restaurant, I don't want to go where there are all ex-pats and Westerners. I really want to experience Japan and blow my mind.

Well, that's all I got. Really appreciate you reading all the way through and helping me figure out the important parts of my honeymoon.


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