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Honey roasted peanut butter and other serendipities


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Honey roasted peanut butter and other serendipities

Kevin | Oct 29, 2003 10:51 AM

So, I'm sitting here eating my lunch of a peanut butter sandwich. It's a little light on the PB, and I'm not really enjoying it. I have some honey roasted nuts in my desk, so I decide to supplement with some of those and.... GOOD GOD, this is freakin good! This, I think, will be a regular-rotation lunch. MMmmmm

I'm wondering if this is something I've just invented or if this is a product I could purchase somewhere??? Anyone know?

This also brings about the question of any other impromptu food discoveries ala "you've got your chocolate in my peanut butter" fame. (Remember those commercials?) Does anyone else have an experience to share?

The only other one I have is when I mistook oregano for cilantro and put some in my salsa. Try it sometime- gives salsa just the right taste.... MMhmm

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