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Hometown - Korean in Union Square, Somerville


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Hometown - Korean in Union Square, Somerville

MB | Aug 19, 2003 11:30 AM

Wow! What a meal. Friends and I visited on Sunday. The portions are very much family style - huge plates. We could have been fine with just one or two entrees and one appetizer for the three of us.

kimchee pancake - came out very hot, thin with good crispiness on the outside. I still like the one from Seoul Food on Mass Ave better, but I can't explain why. They served a special house-made sauce of soy with (I'm guessing) ginger and sliced green onions with it.

beef bibimbap - Served cold with a fried egg on top. All of the veggie ingredients were fresh and tasty and this was a nice balance to some of the very spicy flavors elsewhere on the table.

bochun japchae - I'm pretty sure that's the right name. Small pieces of thinly sliced pork served with stir-fried onions, some scallions and HOT green peppers served over thin noodles (bean thread?) The noodles picked up all of the great flavors from the stir fry and the peppers were tossed in nearly raw. I suspect this is because had they been cooked, they would burn your face right off. This was a very spicy dish and was absolutely addictive. I think the waitress was surprised at how we went for it. I seriously can't wait to have this again.

stewed pork and tofu - I can't remember the name of this one. I've had this before where the pork is stewed in kimchee, although this wasn't very spicy, but then again, neither was their kimchee. It was served over silky dense slabs of tofu and the pork had a wonderful sweetness that went well with the creamy tofu. The dish also had some thinly sliced rice cake in it and plenty of the kimchee/cabbage.

Condiments: bean sprouts that seemed house made, kimchee style pickles, turnip that was cubed (very tasty) and kimchee which had wonderful flavors, very well balanced) but wasn't very hot. I really liked it, but someone who much have it *hot* might not.

All this - huge portions - with 2 big beers came to about $60. Not inexpensive, but it was fantastic and you could definitely get out of there for much less by not ordering the massive amounts that we did. I'll definitely be back to visit soon.

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