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Homemade spaghetti clumpy after cooking - suggestions?


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Homemade spaghetti clumpy after cooking - suggestions?

ElizabethS | Jul 28, 2009 10:27 AM

I made a recipe in this month's F&W for Pasta with sizzled Sage (it was delicious BTW) .. I make a lot of homemade pasta but rarely use it as spaghetti - almost always in sheets for lasagna or canneloni.

I made the recipe in the F&W which is an egg pasta - ingredients were

7 large egg yolks
1 1/4 cup AP Flour

In my Kitchenaid mixer I mixed the Flour with the salt and added the egg yolks - it said to mix at medium speed until the dough resembled wet sand about 1 1/2 minutes. Well almost instantly it formed a ball so I stopped mixing.

Did my usual kneeding and rolling using the Kitchenaid - rolled it out to the thinnest setting and cut it for spaghetti. All was fine - lightly dusted with flour and it didn't stick at all while I prepared the rest of the recipe.

After you fry the sage leaves in butter (I used clarified) you cook the pasta (it cooked really quickly) and then toss the pasta with the butter the sage was cooked in and some reserved cooking liquid. This is where the pasta started to clump - not badly but I couldn't get any kind of separation to coat the strands.

Oddly enough it didn't affect the flavour or enjoyment of the dish - it didn't stick so much that it was gluey - but it was difficult to twirl on a fork so we ended up kind of cutting it into big pieces and forking the pieces......the pasta was quite delicious and very light.

I had some left over so I dried it for a day and tried again - slightly better but still not at the fork twirling stage.

Any suggestions? I have tons of fresh sage in the garden and so enjoyed the flavours - want to serve to guests this weekend and would prefer the pasta be better.


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