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homemade mayonnaise

adamclyde | Jan 31, 2008 08:05 PM

OK, I made a great batch of homemade mayonnaise last week. Great stuff. I have two questions for all of you.

First question. Should I use it in my daughter's lunch? It would be in her lunch bag from 8 until noon unrefrigerated. Is that more of a problem with homemade than a store-bought brand? (i.e., are there preservatives in store bought that would prevent little nasties from creeping into the sandwich). If it makes a difference, I didn't use pastuerized eggs. But I did follow advice from alton brown to leave it out for an hour or so after making it to let the acidity do it's work.

Second question. I've got a lot of this stuff. Outside of sandwiches, what else would you use it for? I was watching Complete Pepin or whatever that was called and he talked about how it's a mother sauce. I looked in my James Peterson "Sauces" book to get some ideas too. But wondering what you would do with it, outside of sandwiches. The stuff is so good, it's almost edible on its own.

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