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Homemade french fries without a deep fryer, what's my best vessel?

SocksManly | Nov 29, 201107:14 PM

Okay so I want to learn how to make some really good french fries.

I'll be following the instructions here: http://www.cookingissues.com/2010/05/...

I have the Pectinex SP-L, 20 lbs of russet potatoes, 5L of canola oil, and an iron will.

What I don't have is a professional deep fry machine... or any fry machine for that matter. Just an electric stove.

My options are:

- Stock pot
- Wok
- Deep coated cast iron fry pan
- Thin tall pot designed for deep frying
- Dutch oven

I don't need to make large quantities. I've included pictures of my options. I'm really quite confused as to what will work best, mostly concerned with bringing the oil back up to temperature after dropping the potatoes in.

I'm not sure if the thin bottomed wok would be best, or something with a thick bottom?

Or perhaps the thick bottomed cast iron pan or the dutch oven, since it's wider so the fries have room to spread out more?

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