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Homemade dairy free yogurt fizzing/carbonated?

Nikimcarter | Jun 30, 201709:13 AM    

Ive made dairy free yogurt twice now. Once with almond milk yogurt starter, once with coconut milk yogurt starter (store bought yogurts). I wanted to add low calorie protein to it too, as I'm used to eating it as a quick breakfast, so I put a scoop if vegan protein powder in each batch. I also added a capsule of shelf stable probiotic to each batch with the yogurt starter, thinking that it wouldn't have the amount it's supposed to since its not refrigerated.. Used a yogurt maker to incubate (is that the right word?). Both times the finished yogurt came out very fizzy/carbonated. Is there too much probiotic and that messed it up somehow? Or... the protein powder? I have no idea. Is it even safe to eat? Also why would adding these mess it up? My husband has been eating it anyway because "it feels weird but it still tastes really good" haha. If its the probiotics, no big deal I'll just use the yogurt starter. If its the protein, please give me suggestions for adding protein without a bunch of calories... that was the whole point of me doing my own yogurt because i have MS and now cant have dairy, but am used to eating (and love) high protein yogurts.. thank you so much

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