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homemade cretan rustic pasta/Wolfert/skinned wheat/wheat berries?

Madrid | Mar 13, 201212:51 PM

I love Paula Wolfert's cookbooks but sometimes get frustrated by her descriptions of ingredients. Someday I will have a whole glossary, but for now I have been wanting to make the homemade cretan rustic pasta (xinochondros) in her Mediterranean Grains and Greens forever. The recipe calls for "skinned wheat" and she advises to buy it "whole" and to crack/crush it at home.

Someone posted a query on eGullet when the book came out but there were no responses.

Is "skinned wheat" the same as wheat berries? I've looked all over the web and in whole grain books and I've learned that "grano" is a highly polished, faster cooking form of wheat berries. And "cracked wheat" is split wheat berries. I've also checked out the sources she lists at the back of the book and came up with nothing....

the book was published in 1998 and it is one of my favorites...full of very authentic recipes as usual with Wolfert.

This is a class of the "sourdough" paste made in Turkey, Greece, etc. with wheat products and yogurt/milk, etc. where the wheat is soaked in the dairy and fermented and then dried. I have found other versions of the recipe (trahana, for example) but this version made with goat milk and "skinned wheat" is crying out to me. Any ideas? I could just experiment but 5 cups of goat milk isn't cheap! thanks.

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