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Homemade Bread

cute_diva | May 15, 2012 07:38 AM

I have a bread routine that works, but this week I need to find another way to do it, because instead of cooking bread for myself, I will be making bread with my daughter's preschool class!

I usually put the ingredients for 1 recipe's worth of bread (4c flour) in my bread machine and set it to dough. I check it periodically, but let the kneading and rise happen in the machine. Then I take the bread out, shape it, and let it rise on the counter for an hour before I bake it.

In order to have enough bread for the preschool class, I need to make 4x the recipe, which is 16c flour. This is way to big to fit in my bread machine.

I was thinking that I could make the dough in my kitchenaid. I have the dough arm that I can use to knead it, and I have 2 metal bowls so I can make 2x the recipe in each. But the temperature in my kitchen will be too cold to get a good rise....so what can I do?

Does anyone have any other tips? I know not to let the kids play with the dough TOO much or else it will be flat/hard bread.

Any thoughts on how I can mark each kid's bread so I can tell them apart? Is there any tape that I can write on that can go in the oven?


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