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Homegrown Habanero Phenomena

sbp | Sep 7, 2003 06:09 PM

Wondering if anyone else has seen this. Growing in container red habanero peppers (Long Island, NY Zone 7). Picked a ripe pepper, and took a very small taste. There was no heat. So I cracked it open, and pulled off a chunk of flesh. Still, almost no heat. Like a slightly fruity bell pepper. I figured the local climate was the culprit, so I bit into a few seeds. My mouth went numb for an hour. Couldn't believe how hot.

Now, I'm used to very hot peppers, Dave's Insanity, Mega Death, etc., and these seeds were just as hot. But I've eaten whole habanero's before, and the skin, while not as hot as seeds, was always pretty scorching.

Do I have a new strain of April Fool's pepper?

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