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Home Fries are Good Again!!!!

Jim Leff | Jun 10, 200809:04 PM

This may be the most important posting I've made in years to Chowhound.com. I am ecstatic with this news, and awestruck by the sense of uplift and liberation it will surely trigger in my fellow food-lovers. I know it sounds a bit zany and overblown, but it's true, every word of it. Really true. I've detected a tectonic adjustment in the space/chow continuum and...home fries are good again.

I mean it. After decades of horrendous decline into vestigiality, delicious pure home fries are starting to blossom, like post-apocalyptic wildflowers. Everywhere I go these days, it's as if the tuber fairy has waved her mottled wand over the grill. Home fries are good again.

Yes, during the preceding Dark Ages there were regions where home fries never got that bad. In such places, home fries are now nothing short of galvanizing. In the NY tristate area, where home fries had metasticized into a cruel joke - a needless, gratuitous tamping down of the inherent goodness of fried spuds, they are resurrecting. They are shaking off their cynical debasement with bell pepper chunks. They are divesting themselves of their fake orange hue. They are casting aside their sog and their funk. Home fries are good again!

They're even good at night, now! They're just good! Go see if it's not true. I'm not saying that every plate is perfectly socko. No, as we transition from those bad, bad times, and rub our eyes in the newfound sunlight, there will remain pockets of unrepentant badness. These pockets will, soon enough, be illuminated. It's only a matter of time. It is inevitable.

It's safe, everyone, really. It's been like a bad dream, but it's over. Yes, I know you haven't ordered home fries in years. In diners and coffee shops, you have been meekly accepting the freezer-burnt mealy steak fries with your burgers, because there is no longer reason to request home fries, which would likely be worse still, in their stead. You have forgotten all the ways in which you may have once sought out home fries, back so very long ago. You have closed that book. You have turned your back. You have moved on.

But just as Quisp came back, so have home fries.

Home fries are good again.

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