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Need home-cured bacon pointers (to keep my husband from divorcing me)

cmailhot | May 20, 201609:51 AM     5

Hello! I have a little mishap to fix. I recently ordered a whole butchered pastured hog and for some reason (despite having done this several times before) rather than requesting the bacon be cured, I accidentally ordered fresh, sliced side. So I basically have pork belly sliced like bacon, but it doesn't have a lot of flavor. My husband is pretty bummed out. Can I turn this into a fun adventure and cure my own bacon, or will it not work because it's already in slices? How would I do this? We don't own a smoker. Is this strictly necessary? I guess I could buy one. What about one of those smoker guns?

It's a lot of pork side, so though I know I can make pork belly ramen or other delicious asian dishes, I'd really like to know if I can make some bacon too.

Thanks in advance, new friends

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