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Home cured bacon not quite right


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Home cured bacon not quite right

jgg13 | Apr 19, 2011 08:57 PM

So I just cooked up a batch of home cured bacon, closely following the Ruhlman recipe, with some slight variations. When I cut into it I was a little disappointed. One of the meaty streaks had something close to the nice dark pinkish/red color I was expecting but the rest of the meat just kind of looked like a ham. Light pink and with a hammy consistency.

As tasty as my pork belly ham was, it wasn't quite what I was looking for. I mixed up a curing mixture with the following proportions:

9 parts salt
4.5 parts sugar
1 part pink salt (from the spice house)

I used 20g per lb of pork belly (this was about 1.5 lbs), and had it in the fridge for a week. I'm guessing at most there was 1/3c of liquid in the ziploc bag, and I had overhauled it every other day as instructed. Cooked at 200F until it hit 150F internal. I had added maple syrup and some five spice.

Is this indicative that it didn't cure long enough? I was a little concerned about that, wasn't sure how firm it was supposed to be. Did I not use enough pink salt? Something else perhaps?

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