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Home cooks and restaurant-going

curious_baker | Jun 7, 2004 02:05 PM

I am interested in hearing some thoguhts from the cooks on this board. Do you go out to eat a lot, or do you mostly cook? I've never had a lot of money, and I've always known how to cook. But I used to eat out more than I do now - even when I was making significantly less money. As my cooking skills have improved and restaurant prices have gone up, I can't seem to justify even the cheapest night out more than once or twice a month. If I get the urge to go out, I can usually convince myself to stay in by calculating the types of ingredients I could buy with the money I would spend on dinner out - the great cuts of meat, fab cheeses, excellent bottle of wine, etc. I've also noticed that I get very little out of the regional boards on Chowhound because most of the restaurants reviewed are so expensive I could never afford them. So I was wondering - am I alone? I have at least one friend who has been moving in the same direction in the last few years. Do people who cook tend to eat out less and less as they get older and more efficient/skilled at pulling together meals? Do good cooks have a lower tolerance for paying restaurant prices - or are there cooks out there who love to go out to eat to get new ideas and so forth? (I do, by the way, understand the pleasure of a great meal out - the fun of trying new dishes, the pleasure of the atmosphere, the joy of knowing someone else is doing the dishes. I just can't afford great more than once a year, and mediocre meals out seem to cost so much now.)

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