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Best Home Coffee Maker for 4-6 Cups?


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Best Home Coffee Maker for 4-6 Cups?

FayeD | Nov 8, 2005 04:05 PM

I am reposting a question from last week that didn't receive any responses and considering how far down the list it is, probably won't at this point. I didn't post the original message but I am interested in the same thing although I am in my late 50s. Hopefully, someone will take the time to share their experience. Thanks.

Pre-programming (ie for a wake-up cup) is not necessary and actually not wanted. Just want the best coffee possible from an electric drip or other system that supplies 4-6 cups with one simple procedure. And a safety feature of automatic shut-off after a period of time would be great, as this is for an older couple, who simply want to upgrade to a better cup, from an already above-average maker they have....

I think they're fine with what they have, but this is what they enjoy, a nice, excellent brew in the am, and with no safety hazards, as they are growing into their mid-70's are increasingly more forgetful!

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