Holyland Grill in Phillie and my mixed dancing and schnitzel nightmare

cappucino | Jun 25, 201207:21 AM

Father in law decides to take us all out to celebrate sister in law's wedding anniversary and a bunch of graduations. 15+ people in our party. Had reservations at the Palace Royal and we were very much looking forward to it because of the wonderful reviews on here. Sister in law finds out that there is mixed dancing and nixes it. The rest of us were curious to actually have dinner at a kosher restaurant while mixed dancing was taking place, but, alas, it was not to be. Off to the Holyland grill where we are told that there is no Schnitzel only grilled chicken. And yet it is a typical Israeli Schnitzel/Schwarma place. Since my son only eats one food in its variations (breaded schnitzel) I persist by calling the owner/manager over and ask if it is really true that they do not in fact make schnitzel even though it is prominent on the menu in two or three different ways. Of course they do, he states and then--after a wait--my son and I are served...wait for it... grilled chicken (he in a Hoagie and me on a platter). I go to the kitchen to ask the manager who to add insult to injury is actually the one cooking the food about the chicken and he says--as if the initial conversation never happened--"Oh, you want schnitzel, not grilled? Sure." A few minutes later, they bring my son his schnitzel sandwich and my schnitzel never comes. I'm sorry that I am a person who does not like grilled food, but I just do not. No grilled food of any kind in any restaurant will be ordered by me. And, yet, after a long day in the hot sun cheering my husband on in his triathlon, I relent and grudgingly eat my horrible grilled chicken. At one point, my husband mentions to the waitress who had known of the issue of the schnitzel since she first told us there was none that I had never gotten my schnitzel and she says--to my shock and frustration: "Oh, you want schnitzel? Ok. I tell the cook." I then say, "No. Forget about it and ask myself if this is an Abbott and Costello nightmare. Icing on the cake would be my trip to the bathroom on the way out and my observation that 1) this was the dirtiest bathroom I have been in in years and 2) it is set up so there is actually no room for a person's legs when they are sitting down--don't ask me to explain.
My father in law does not spring for a restaurant dinner that often (I believe twice in 16 years) so I doubt this nightmare will occur again, but--boy--I do wish that Palace Royal did not have mixed dancing and/or that I could have been there to see it.

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