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Holy Street Food Batman! Hot Dog Cart Sighting in St Paul


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Holy Street Food Batman! Hot Dog Cart Sighting in St Paul

tex.s.toast | Oct 4, 2008 12:00 AM

So i was semi drunkenly cruising Grand Ave tonight on my way home from Sweeney's at around 1230 this morning when we passed a chicago style hot dog cart on the corner of grand and avon (across from the wild onion, on the way to billy's, heading from the east).

we werent in the mood (too many vegetarians, or too many beers - or not enough, depending on who you asked) to stop, but there were at last half a dozen people gathered around eating what looked to be pretty authentically prepared chicago dogs - complete with the seedy bun,spot peppers and tomato wedges (i didnt get close enough to see the fluorescent green relish).

was this simply a midnight mirage? is the city licensing these operations? might we see a sf-style tamale lady at any moment? can anyone confirm this sighting? is there a schedule?

i realize most of these questions could have been answered with a cursory stop and conversation with the stand's operator, but that didnt happen so i turn to you, my fellow chowhounds, with this report and these questions. On a night when i learned that a fav in uptown (jPs) is no more, and i had to prematurely say goodbye to some of the best indian food ive tasted in minn (B2D), the weekend streetfood in st paul is enough to give one hope that all is not lost in the twin cities food scene.

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