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Holiday leftovers for Guests?


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Holiday leftovers for Guests?

meatn3 | Dec 26, 2007 09:54 PM

You were invited for dinner, now hours later once home a huge craving for a turkey (or name your dish) sandwich. Can you satisfy that craving?

Me: Small crowd, big turkey at SO parents. Long visit, lots of aid in cleaning kitchen - bye-bye!
No offer of goodies to go. Thinking back on holidays of years past, in similar circumstances but different hosts, leftover turkey (enough for a few sandwiches) and often more has always been offered. I enjoyed the evening & am always appreciative of an invite. Now just wishing I had known - would have cooked a turkey breast at home for leftovers!

Must note: I adore a turkey dinner with all the trimmings, so I may be too emotionally involved.
If I cook a holiday meal I plan on enough for folks to take some home if desired. IMO the only thing worse than no leftover turkey for sandwiches is no turkey to begin with! :)

How do your gatherings handle it? (Hope everyones holiday meals were delicious & filled with love & good cheer!)

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