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"Holey" Spice Jars


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"Holey" Spice Jars

Lynn | Mar 12, 2001 09:22 AM

I'm convinced that spice companies are chuckling away, knowing they've pulled a fast one on the public. Has anyone else noticed, within the last year or so, that spice and seasoning bottles, jars, etc, no longer offer those reasonable, petite little lid holes? So you can shake your spice out in delicate measures, according to taste?

INSTEAD, using what is undoubtedly a new marketing ploy, they've doubled the size of those holes--making your seasoning experience a trial---with mostly errors.(ie, trying to lace my yogurt with cummin powder last week, I produced a dish that made the yogurt look like an afterthought. )

Obviously, they want us to use more of the spice--which, inadvertantly, we're forced to--until we figure out how to counter-attack. I now pour a pinch of spice, salt, etc into my palm first--then season the dish. But I still manage to waste some of the stuff.

I feel my priorities in life narrowing, when I have to rage against the size of holes in a spice jar. But it's absolutely maddening! Has anyone else noticed this new tactic to convince the consumer that we're not using their product fast enough?!

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