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Hmmmmmmm! Cliquey?


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Hmmmmmmm! Cliquey?

Phil | May 21, 2002 09:44 PM

Greetings. I have been rather impressed with the wealth of knowledge and opinions expressed on this group.

In an attempt to contribute to that, I made a contribution to a discussion on cooking kangaroo a couple of weeks ago. No comment.

Yesterday, I asked a question about a type of dim sum cooking (I think) called Chiu Chow Fun. Silence. Given the wealth of knowledge in this group, I find it hard to believe someone doesn't know about it.

As I have said, I searched fairly extensively for it on the Internet, but while I could verify its existence, I could only find menus, not recipes.

Being from Oz, I can contribute somewhat to the yabby discussion, and other Australian food matters -- for instance West Australian marron are larger and better, with less waste precentage then your average yabby, as are the northern Queensland red claw yabbies.

Doesn't anyone have any knowledge about my question, or have I intruded on a clique?



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