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Hmmm....: The Washington Post Reviews Wegmans Prepared Food! Whoa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Hmmm....: The Washington Post Reviews Wegmans Prepared Food! Whoa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joe H. | Apr 7, 2004 01:46 PM

Incredible timing. Absolutely incredible on the day I am attacked, countered, derided for having the absolute lack of couth, breeding and taste to arrogantly (!) suggest that Wegmans, a regional supermarket CHAIN, could actually have a single dish, let alone a 40 item Asian food bar superior to an experience that I had at Full Kee In Chinatown last week.

"all the vegetable dishes we tried were good, but these crispy beans tossed with sesame oil were great)"

Is that word spelled g-r-e-a-t actually used to describe SUPERMARKET FOOD by the Food editor of the Post? By a GROUP of Post food writers assembled to judge? Is it possible?


In truth, emphasis, tone and "spin" aside, this is an comparison of take out food between Wegmans and Sutton Place Gourmet, NOT between Wegmans and Full Kee. But, for my humble purposes, it works!

No they did not sample the full Asian bar nor did they work their way through the various offerings of the store. But they actually took one item off of the Asian food bar, singled it out, and called it G-R-E-A-T.

Yes, I am milking this for all it is worth!

Can you imagine the smile on my face this morning when I opened the food section and saw a critique by the Post of some of Wegmans prepared food?



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