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HK trip - Fu Sing Sharkfin, Tsui Hang, Yee Shun, Manor Seafood, Qiao Tei Chili Crab, Ho Hung Kee, Xiao Fei Yang


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HK trip - Fu Sing Sharkfin, Tsui Hang, Yee Shun, Manor Seafood, Qiao Tei Chili Crab, Ho Hung Kee, Xiao Fei Yang

Lau | Mar 12, 2010 05:19 PM

This post is way late, I went to Asia in late December, but I’ve been pretty busy ever since, so I hadn’t had time to write a full post and I went to a lot of places, but I’m finally getting to it.

Unfortunately, I only got to go to a fraction of the places I wanted to go to due to time constraints and having to go to a few places I didn’t really want to go to b/c friends wanted to go. Bottom line it was so awesome, the more times I go to HK the more I love the food there, in fact I think it maybe my favorite food place in the world. Thanks for everyone’s recs, very helpful.

Here’s a rundown of what I ate, there were other places I ate at, but a lot of it was small street food or not worth mentioning (I had to deal with one person who was not a good food person blehh)

Fu Sing Sharkfin Seafood Restaurant -

See the pics (I’m rsl229 on openrice):

We went here specifically for cha siu, it was sort of an odd place b/c I don’t associate cha siu with nice restaurants; I grew up eating it out of little Cantonese BBQ joints in LA where my grandparents would pick it up as an addition to our homecooked meals, so I associate it with hole in the wall places. Fu Sing is a real restaurant and is fairly nice restaurant on the 2nd floor of a commercial building in Wan Chai that has a couple of other restaurants in it. The décor is reasonably upscale semi-modern, but still Chinese décor. We went on a Tuesday night, so the restaurant wasn’t very packed. The service was fine and very prompt.
On to the important part the food:
- Cha siu (bbq pork / cha shao): this was the best cha siu I’ve ever had, feel free to correct me if there is better in HK b/c there likely is since its HK, but wow I was blown away by how good it was even my guests were surprised how good it was (they are Cantonese, live in HK and have great taste in food). So tender and flavorful. It was sweet, but perfectly sweet not overally sweet compared to some cha siu that is overly sweet. The fat was just perfect, no chewy pieces, just melt in your mouth goodness. Really blown away by the quality of these. Even my GF who doesn’t really like fatty meats including cha siu (she’s Korean and I think she thinks a lot of Chinese meats are too fatty) was like wow this is amazing
- Lettuce with shrimp paste in a sizzling clay pot (forgot what this was called in Chinese): I don’t see this dish very often in the US and I haven’t had it in a very long time. Pretty self explanatory dish. It was very good as well, the shrimp paste is fermented so it was a strong flavor, but I liked the flavor a lot.
- Da zha xie fen xiao long bao (soup dumplings with hairy crab roe): this was the surprise of the night, I was somewhat skeptical only b/c XLB are Shanghainese and I wasn’t how this would turn out. Wow was I wrong, these were unbelievable. I had Din Tai Fung in Taipei a few days later, which I consider pretty good, so I’ve got a good comparison. The skins were very light and delicate, I would say they aren’t as good as DTF skins, but still very good. But it was the filling that was the best I’ve ever had. The hairy crab roe gave them an unbelievable semi creamy flavor that is hard to explain, but so good. The soup was so light and flavorful not the overly fattiness you can get with some XLB. Just outstanding, I think these may have been the best XLB I’ve ever had. The crab roe really takes it to another level.
- Siu yau gai (soy sauce chicken / jiang you ji): just a simple soy sauce chicken. Another winner, very light soy sauce, very tender meat. It’s a simple dish, but really good. I would’ve liked a little more meat, but overall very good.
- Shrimp, egg vermicelli in a sizzling clay pot (forgot the Chinese name): this was another self explanatory dish. Came in the same sizzling clay pot with clear vermicelli noodles, small shrimps, egg, bean sprouts and I think some diced mushrooms. Another good dish, pretty simple, but well executed. Everyone liked it
- Tang yuan (boiled rice dough balls with black sesame paste): I got this for dessert, fairly standard dessert, but one of my favorites. Came in a hot ginger soup, rice dough was melt in your mouth soft and the sesame paste was great.

Overall, one of the best meals I had in HK, very happy with this place and highly recommend.

Tsui Hang Village –

See the pics:

Since we were visiting HK, we obviously wanted to do yum cha / dim sum. I had a list of places I was thinking about trying. Person I mentioned earlier said that he knew the “best place for dim sum”, against my better instincts I let him choose (every place he had taken to us to was a dud, but I didn’t want to be rude). Hang Tsui Village is a reasonably nice typical dim sum restaurant in Central in a small shopping center. We got there pretty early on a weekday, so it was fairly empty when we got there.
On to the food:
- Siu yau gai (soy sauce chicken / jiang you ji): as you can see, I’m a big fan of this dish and I ordered this dish before my friend’s bf ordered. This was actually very good, tender chicken, great flavor, just generally good. This was one of two winner’s here (unfortunately, neither of them were dim sum dishes)
- Spring rolls (chun juan): I never order these as I don’t really like them, these were a good rendition. Not greasy, nice and crispy exterior and good flavorful insides. Not much more to say about them.
- Rice with chicken sauce (I have no idea what this was called in Chinese or English): someone else ordered this. This was the other dish and the one dish that was outstanding here. It comes in a wide glass bowl thing. It’s steamed rice with a brown sauce that consists of diced chicken, mushrooms, broccoli stems and maybe one or two other things. It’s sort of hard to explain, but it was really good.
- Shu mai w/ scallops (shao mai): these were just decent, I mean were cooked okay, but I wasn’t wow’d by the filling and I’ve had way better shu mai than this (my grandmother’s were about 100x better)
- Meat balls (always forget what these are called): these are those steamed meatballs that you put Worcester sauce on. Not my favorite dish and just okay.
- Cha siu bao (cha shao bao / steamed pork buns): one of my all times favorite foods. These were just okay, the bread was fine, reasonably soft although not as soft as it should be, filling was decent, but sweeter than I like. Fine but nothing mind blowing.
- Ha Gao (Xia Jiao / steamed shrimp dumplings): my relatives once told me that these are what you are supposed to judge a dim sum place on. Well, these were just decent. Skins weren’t as delicate as I like them, filling was fine, but just nothing to write home about. I know places in the US that do a better job than here.
- Pai guat (pai gu / spare ribs): another favorite dim sum dish, another just okay rendition
Now it wasn’t bad and if it was in the US it would be considered good / above average, but I’ve had way better dim sum in HK and this place just didn’t cut it for me. From now on I’m just going to take charge of the situation or listen to people I know have good taste.

Yee Shun Milk Company -

See the pics:

OMG I love this place, my friend kept telling me about this place, we went to the second day and then I proceeded to go everyday twice a day (I went about 7-8 times). I used to crave this dou hua / dou fu fa / dou nao (a very silky tofu drizzled with a clear sugar sauce) that this one old lady in mid levels sells, this officially replaced that. It’s a steamed milk pudding, but way different than American puddings which are fairly creamy and heavy. This is so light and airy just as light and maybe even lighter than dou hua. The creaminess is there, but its just so light. There are several versions, but after trying them all (the first time I literally ordered almost every variation so I could try them all) I prefer the double milk, it’s a bit more creamy and just so good. I could literally have this everyday.

The Manor -

See the pics:

This was supposed to be my night to eat roast goose (I’m still mad I didn’t get to eat it), I made a reservation at the restaurant, the next day (the day I was eating there), I was like omg what if I need to reserve a roast goose, so then I called them and they were like sorry you need to reserve a day in advance, I was literally like NOOOOO! Oh well, to anyone that goes there now you know. The restaurant is a fairly upscale restaurant in Causeway Bay, the service was nice and good and the atmosphere was a little formal, but decent.
On to the food:
- Suckling pig: to make up for no roast duck, I ordered roast suckling pig. As a consolation it was very good. The skin was beautiful and crispy and they gave you tiny pancake with hoisin sauce and spring onions. The combo tastes great. I liked this a lot
- Vermicelli with shrimp in sizzling clay pot: same as the dish at Fu Sing except the shrimp were larger. Very good as well.
- Steamed crab in wine sauce: this was way different than what I envisioned. The crab itself was excellent, very fresh and sweet meat. But, I didn’t really like the sauce, it was a buttery sauce that had wine in it, didn’t taste Chinese at all. Great crab, bad sauce.
- Mapo tofu: I didn’t order this, but a friend wanted it, so we got it. Didn’t taste like mapo tofu, but it was good. It was more of a Cantonese rendition of it and was much less sauce and oily than normal.
- Lettuce with shrimp paste in a sizzling clay pot: tasted exactly the same as Fu Sing. So it was good.

Overall, I liked this place and I'd like to come back to try other stuff some day

Qiao Tei Chili Crab (Under the Bridge):

See the pics:

Best meal in HK, holy crap is this place good. Same friends who came with me to Fu Sing (my rec) took me here (their rec) and wow am I glad they did. Very close to all those chili crab places right off or on Lockhart. Rowdy place (I loved the atmosphere) that is super crowded and has lots of people happily eating and drinking.

Let’s get to the food:
- Chili crab: this is single handily one of the best dishes I’ve ever had. Its crab fried with a huge amount of this fried crispy garlic, scallions and peppers. This garlic is weird its super crispy and its not nearly as strong as regular garlic cloves, so you can eat a lot of it, I was literally taking spoonfuls of it. The crab has such a good flavor with everything. I just can’t say enough about how good this was.
- Spare ribs: I don’t know what this was called in Chinese b/c I didn’t order anything (big group of like 8-9 people), these were awesome. They came in a clay pot and were battered and fried and then glazed with some sort of sweet and sour sauce, but these were different than jing du pai gu, they were less sweet and brownish as opposed to red, there were some pineapples in the clay pot as well. The meat was nice and tender, the sauce wasn’t overly sweet. Just really awesome
- Braised fish head: this is the one thing I ordered, I showed up a little late so they had already ordered, but I saw fish head soup on the menu and it looked good. The guy told me they ran out, but he had braised fish head, so I said okay. Awesome, braised in some sort of spicy soy sauce with chilis and scallions. The meat on the head was so tender and the sauce tasted amazing with this dish, super good.
- Spicy clams: my friend ordered this, another “wow” type of dish. Clams stir fried in this brown spicy sauce, so flavorful. The sauce was amazing, wasn’t heavy or goopy, not too salty just really good. The clams were nice and fresh too.
- Chili mantis prawn: same thing as chili crab with mantis prawn, really good. I forgot that mantis prawn can be really good if you cook it right, tastes like a slightly sweeter lobster, another huge winner

Overall, best meal in HK and probably best meal of the trip. I really loved this place and it’s a super fun place to drink a lot of beer and eat some amazing food.

Ho Hung Kee Congee & Noodle Wantun Shop -

See the pics:

I wanted wonton noodle soup, so my friend works around here and said she likes this place. It’s a typical wonton noodle soup place, small, fast and brisk service.

The food:
- Cha siu wonton noodle soup: I got this, the soup broth was pretty decent, not too salty and reasonably flavorful. I liked the wontons they were plump and fresh with decent filling. The cha siu was decent, but not amazing. Overall, good but I’ve had better in HK
- Beef chow fun: this was very good, I almost never order this dish b/c I’m not a huge fan of it. But, this was very good here. It had that good work flavor, wasn’t overly oily, the beef was very tender. Hit it with some chili sauce and you’re good to go
Overall, it was good, I’ve had better in HK, but it was definitely still good.

Xiao Fei Yang (Little Sheep) -

See the pics:

This is a famous chain on hot pot places. I’m not the biggest fan of hot pot, I think its good, I just don’t love it, so you’ll almost never find me choosing to go to a hot pot place and this was no different. Same dude that picked Tsui Hang Village wanted to come here. I’ve been here before, its very nice for a hot pot place and was jam packed (1 hour wait). We got the half spicy and half non-spicy, the spicy broth was more spicy than I remember it being (some people at the table couldn’t really take it). The ingredients were fresh and everything was fine, but there’s just not that much to it, its just hot pot and again I wasn’t wow’d by it (I’ve only been wow’d by it once in Chengdu, China)

Overall, HK was awesome, I love coming to HK and I seriously can’t wait to come back.

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