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Hiro Sushi- Hmmm....

esf2003 | Mar 16, 2007 08:19 PM

Okay, so I went to Hiro Sushi for lunch today, expecting to be blown away. I was very hungry and chose to have the Sushi and a Half lunch special. I was the only one there, being there at exactly 12:00pm. The sushi rice wasn't even ready when I sat down, so I waited a little while before Hiro-san actually started making the sushi.

Anyways, my set came, and it was completely underwhelming. 2 pieces of salmon, one white fish, one saba, surf clam, shrimp, shiitake, fake crab stick, egg, unagi. How disappointing it was, getting really cheap ingredients in supposedly such a great place for sushi. The use of the shiitake mushroom really shocked me. On a brighter note, the fish was absolutely superb, and the shrimp, egg and unagi nigiri I still enjoyed very much (but the surf clam, shiitake, fake crab stick was really dispapointing). The rice was perfect, and the right amount of wasabi was used in my opinion, though I can see why people may find it to be a bit too strong.

I decided to give him another chance and ordered a few a la carte orders as I sat at the sushi bar. I started off with his signature zuke, the marinated tuna, and it was sublime. The rich flavour of the tuna marinated in his soy sauce, with the raw garlic on the top was such a perfect combo. Next, I had the hamachi, which was pretty standard, but very fresh. After asking for bonito and aji, I was disappointed to find out it wasn't available today. No matter, I ask him for his recommendations. I order the fluke, and it was also excellent. Finally, to finish off, he recommended a spanish mackarel, which he put some hot oil on top, a leaf of lettuce under, and ginger and green onion on top. This absolutely blew me away, possibly the best mackarel sushi I've ever had.

I left $40 poorer, which wasn't too bad, considering I had 18 pieces of sushi and a roll, but I definitely would have enjoyed it more if I just ignored the lunch menu and ordered straight from the a la carte menu or ordered omakase. Although, I didn't feel like it was completely worth it to walk all the way from Bloor and St. George in the cold all the way to Jarvis and King E. and back just for lunch.

So in conclusion, will I return? Yes. But I will not order the cheap lunch specials again. The only way to go must be to order the sushi omakase or just order a la carte. The sushi is really good, it's absolutely what I'm looking for, but the silly cheap ingredients are a turn-off to say the least.

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