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Highly Specific Punch Request


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Highly Specific Punch Request

khoops | Dec 22, 2011 11:34 PM

I'd like to offer a punch on my birthday and it would be fantastic if someone could help me figure out what to make.
First, I need to cap costs at $50 for about 15 people. Less would be better, college student here.
I really like cocktails that aren't cloyingly sweet (a Hurricane sounds like death to me), and I'm trying to avoid soda pop if at all possible because it gives me massive hangovers.
And just to make things really interesting, I'd prefer to avoid vodka - and when it comes to gin, I've only really liked Hendrick's (which I refuse to throw into a punch).

Super bonus if you can suggest something that's even vaguely seasonal for late February.

Many thanks in advance!

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