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High-end Kitchen Appliance Advice for Double Ovens

middlereef | Sep 19, 201101:49 PM

Hi - we're doing a rennovation for our NYC apartment and have the luxury of building our kitchen from soup to nuts.

I too have been a bit frustrated by the lack of info on the higher end brands (which we're doing not only because we're big cooks but also for resale) and also am finding it really hard to determine feature/benefit differences so I'm hoping you all can help...

We've decided on 27" dimension for our wall oven(s) - I want the double oven because we entertain a lot (dinner parties for 10-12 and/or large cocktail parties) so the ability to a. put lots of stuff in at once and potentially at different tempertures is appealing..ie meat in one oven and sides in the otehr

When I talked to kitchen folks they all have recommended the Miele 24" steamer w/kit and 27" oven but have never had a steamer oven so am a bit wary? Can anyone give thoughts on how this wil work given my needs? it's also VERY pricey compared to your standard double convection oven choices so don't want to needlessly through money down the drain.

If we go standard double oven, bosch, thermador and electrolux all have options at 27" - I've heard bad things about the first two - and am not familiar with electrolux - any thoughts on these choices? Alternatively, we could do 2 miele ovens but that is almost double the cost so, again, wouldn't want to throw money away.

How do people feel about nob v. electric panel? Our architect clearly wants the panel but I'm wary of the technical problems they might bring with them?

Finally from a feature benefit perspective I would love advice of things to look for and how they play out on these brands - and of course if anyone in NYC has recommendations on places to buy and/or service stories that would be appreciated too.

Thanks so much for your help!

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