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Hiding vegetables from a 5yo


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Hiding vegetables from a 5yo

p0lst3r | Jun 21, 2013 02:11 AM

My boy likes peas, corn and nori seaweed (go figure?). That's it. Nothing else. Not even keen on mashed potatoes (again, go figure?).

I have a ceramic Japanese wasabi board which turns carrots etc into a fine pulp in seconds. I try to hide that pulp inside meatballs and marinara sauce but when he eyes even a spec of vegetable (green is the worst!) his appetite vanishes. I used to convince him that dot of spinach was actually seaweed but he no longer falls for it.

So today I had a revelation. What better way to hide green veg than within green veg? I'm going to make him fall in love with English-style mushy peas (he loves peas) and then start sneakily blending spinach into that. Hm, maybe I can even switch edamame for peas.

Pondered other ideas (he loves all fish): mashed carrot hidden in salmon cakes, mashed cauliflower hidden in tuna cakes.

Any other ideas out there? I REALLY want him to eat broccoli but he views it as the most evil thing on Earth. And it seems the most impossible to hide. I'm an advanced cook so don't mind complicated.

(Pls no parenting tips. I'm a long-distance father so only have limited and sporadic control over this. He NEVER gets dessert if he doesn't eat dinner but, in the desire to have little bad feeling when I do have time with him, I try to swing his dinner to his palate so he can have dessert with me. There is another time in the future when I'm living with him and can give it some tough love, but for now I'm interested in the creative cooking aspect of getting veggies into him.)

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